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Top museums that are worth visiting in Edmonton

The city of Edmonton has a large number of outstanding museums. They cover everything from local culture to transportation. Read more about which museums are worth the attention of both residents and tourists in the article on edmonton-future.

Royal Alberta Museum

This institution is considered by locals to be one of the best museums in Edmonton. Previously, it was located in another facility west of the city center. In 2018, it was reopened in the heart of the city.

The new museum has a unique design, and now it has been awarded the title of the largest in Western Canada. At the entrance to the museum you can see a large skeleton of Albertosaurus, in the huge lobby hangs a large aircraft.

The museum has many exhibits that show the human history of Alberta. It is worth mentioning a local gallery, a meteorite that is sacred to the indigenous population, a beetle gallery, an interactive children’s area and periodic exhibitions.

On the territory there is a wonderful café where you can have a delicious meal and a large souvenir shop that sells various figurines and other things. Special children’s and school group programs are held on the basis of the museum, in which interesting stories are told to children. Royal Alberta Museum is open to tourists every day.

Fort Edmonton Park

It is another unique museum in the city that has been recently renovated. It is believed that this is the main museum where you can learn and see the history of Edmonton. Previously, the park was closed, restoration work was carried out. In the summer of 2021, it was reopened with a new additional area, attractions, and a Ferris wheel.

There is a unique fur trading post on the territory of the Fort Edmonton Park-Museum, which was founded in 1846. Originally the trading post was located in another place between the legislative territory of Edmonton and the Saskatchewan River.

The park covers a large area, but fortunately for visitors there are trams operated by the Edmonton Radial Railway Society. Trains run on the main route that connects everything. Many people arrange excursions for themselves. They board the train as soon as it arrives at the park and ride all the way to the final stop and then return.

Usually this park is open for visitors only in summer.

Telus World of Science Centre

There is another interesting museum in Edmonton. It is popularly called the “Space and Science Centre”. This institution was founded on the theme of space and everything that is part of it. On the territory of the establishment there is a large observatory building with a large 16-inch telescope, which is used to observe the stars.

Now the museum has been expanded to cover as many sciences as possible to study and demonstrate to people. Live demonstrations on chemistry, physics, robotics are held in the museum. They also show movies on the ceiling of the dome of the huge Margaret Zeidler Star Theatre.

For kids there is an indoor playground Curious City, which has various accessories for games. In addition, there is a café and a large souvenir shop on the territory.

The institution is open all year round and is currently expanding, so before visiting the museum, you need to find out in advance whether it is open on the day you are going to attend. 

Art Gallery of Alberta

It is believed that the Alberta Art Gallery is one of the largest in Canada. Its building is so large that it occupies almost the entire Churchill Square in the city center. It is worth noting that it was rebuilt and reopened in 2010.

The modern exterior is pleasantly surprising, the gallery has large steel ribbons that recreate the flow of the North Saskatchewan River and the aurora borealis.

It contains a large collection of over 6000 works of art and 1500 photographs from the 1950s. However, the exhibitions are always changing. It will be interesting not only for adults but also for children. There are wonderful art classes and programs for children of preschool groups on the basis of the institution.

Moreover, a wonderful May Restaurant was opened on the territory of the gallery, where visitors are offered delicious cocktails and local craft beer.

Alberta Aviation Museum

The museum is located on the edge of the now closed Blatchford Airport, which has become an environmentally friendly area. There are 10 planes on display covering early aviation in Alberta.

Especially for children there is a good flight simulator. On certain days, children can sit inside it and feel like pilots.

Neon Sign Museum

It is free for tourists and locals, and is located in the open air. There is a whole nostalgic collection of neon signs from old companies and demolished buildings around the city.

About 20 original signs are exhibited on a historic red brick building on 104-1 Avenue. It looks especially beautiful in the evening, because then all the signs start to glow. There is an information plaque outside that tells the history of the signs in the city. There are several large restaurants nearby where visitors can taste delicious dishes.

University of Alberta Museums

The University of Alberta has 29 small museums and collections on campus. They were carefully selected by university experts. There are many unique items of inventory, which includes more than 10 million objects. Some of these museums are open to students and local residents.

There is a collection of meteorites, dental instruments, reptiles and vertebrates. You can also visit Rutherford House, the historic home of Alberta’s first premier.

Strathcona Streetcar Barn & Museum

The museum is located at the Strathcona terminus of the Edmonton High Level Bridge StreetCar line. Strathcona, home to the famous Whyte Avenue, is one of Edmonton’s coolest neighborhoods.

These streetcars come here from all over the world and are operated by the Edmonton Radial Railway Society. They run from downtown to Strathcona, crossing the top of the High Level Bridge. It is a unique ride that offers fantastic views of downtown Edmonton and the North Saskatchewan River Valley.

At the Strathcona station itself there is a small museum with images, objects that belong to the history of the city’s tram system and tram fleet. Entrance to this museum is free for citizens and tourists.

John Walter Museum

A small living history institution that is located in the North Saskatchewan River Valley on the edge of Kinsmen Park.

John Walter was the son of a Scotsman who emigrated to Canada. From 1870 to 1875 he worked in Fort Edmonton as a boat builder. In his spare time he organized many important community events that were significant to Edmonton.

Two of Walter’s own houses after his death were turned into a small museum named after him. This museum is quite interesting, especially for history lovers. Thanks to the memorial plaques that are placed on the walls of the house you can learn interesting facts about Walter.

There is a long path that leads to the park, and a playground for children and seating for adults were created on the basis of this park.

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