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The wonder of Edmonton – Royal Alberta Museum

There are many unique places in Edmonton that are worth visiting for tourists. One of them is the Royal Alberta Museum, which has an extensive and quite interesting history. The museum was established by the Government of Alberta in 1967.

This museum shows human and natural history in Edmonton. There are large galleries that tell about the natural and cultural worlds of Alberta, an art gallery that shows traveling exhibitions from Canada and around the world. Further on edmonton-future.

History of the foundation

The building was planned in the 1950s, but for a long time it was impossible to find a museum specialist who could do everything at the highest level. It was managed to do it only in 1962. The main person who took responsibility for the organizational process of construction was O. Harrison. The state paid him 5 million dollars and gave him three years to find a place for construction, hire staff, create collections, and prepare exhibits.

In 1967, the Provincial Museum of Alberta opened in the heart of the city. On the opening day, the audience had the opportunity to see the exhibits: “The Fur Trade”, “Alberta’s Indigenous Peoples” and early photographs of Aboriginal people that were taken by researcher, scientist Harry Pollard.

On the second floor there were also galleries, but they presented exhibits of agriculture.

During the 70s and 80s, the institution expanded with a number of curatorial programs, staff and actively developed.

In 1990, big changes began, as the management decided to radically change the program. Over the next ten years, the museum began a large program of art exhibitions – some were brought from other museums of North America, Europe, Asia. In total, more than 175 exhibitions were organized.

In 2005 it was decided to rename the institution, it was called “Royal Alberta Museum” in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, who visited the city in the spring.


The new museum

Then Prime Minister Ed Stelmach decided in 2011 to build a new Royal Alberta Museum and chose a location in the center of Edmonton. The authorities were serious about the construction of the new building. An international planning and construction competition was announced, which aroused great people’s interest from all over the world. Eventually, the project was awarded to the local team Ledcor Design Build (Alberta).

In 2015, one of the biggest events took place: a two-day party to celebrate the closing of the old museum and the opening of the new one. More than 30 thousand people came to say goodbye to the old galleries of famous artists.

Moving to a new place was no less important because it required attention and time. Millions of artifacts were moved to the new institution, and new galleries were developed.

The construction of the new institution lasted 7 years. Officially, on the 3rd of August 2018, the new Royal Alberta Museum opened its doors to visitors. The opening and six days after it was attended by 41 thousand people a day.

More than 50 thousand objects were presented in various galleries. The new hall of natural history shows people all the wonders and diversity of the living world. There are the smallest lichens, mighty mammoths that once walked the province.

In the hall of human history you can see what the most ancient people of Alberta were like. The impression is complemented by a new gallery “Beetles” which presents live invertebrates. There is also a place for children’s recreation, an ultra-modern gallery where international exhibitions are held. Next to the museum there is a shop, a café, and a theater room.

The objects that are collected by the museum are the central exhibits, they allow people to understand what processes have formed Alberta.

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