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Edmonton is one of the cities located in North America. It offers favorable conditions for conducting business, such as no provincial sales tax or payroll tax. It is known for its competitiveness and has several companies providing outsourcing and IT services, including Resolute Technology Solutions. For more information, please visit the website edmonton-future.

A Brief History 

Resolute Technology Solutions was established in 2005 and quickly became a successful IT company, offering a wide range of services. It initially employed over 70 people and steadily attracted more clients.

Employees of Resolute Technology Solutions emphasize the importance of professional skills and fearlessness in tackling complex tasks. They take pride in their ability to work with new and large organizations.

The company has gained recognition beyond Edmonton due to its active involvement in community and charitable events.

Client-Oriented Approach 

Since its inception, the company has maintained a motto of assisting people with challenging tasks and ensuring client satisfaction. Its primary goal is to help businesses of various domains by providing expert analysis and technological solutions to address complex IT problems.

Understanding Outsourcing and its Benefits 

Outsourcing involves delegating specific tasks or business processes to an external organization. Through quality services, businesses can effectively implement their operations.

Outsourcing business processes encompasses assigning non-priority tasks to a third-party company. These tasks may include information technology (IT), personnel management, accounting, advertising, and more.

Resolute Technology Solutions highlights that when companies outsource major tasks, they gain access to external resources, professional staff, information resources and valuable expertise.

Outsourcing is actively practiced in Edmonton within software development, IT services and Internet sales. Maintaining a full staff for every aspect of the business may not be cost-effective, making outsourcing a necessary alternative. Many large companies, regional chains, and national corporations already recognize the benefits and continuously collaborate with outsourcing companies.

Services Provided by Resolute Technology Solutions

Resolute Technology Solutions excels in the following areas:

  • IT Development. This includes website creation of varying complexity, site administration, and customized program development.
  • Production. Certain production functions, such as advertising distribution, can be outsourced.
  • Business. Engagement of specialized experts (e.g., lawyers, accountants) for specific periods.

Advantages of Outsourcing 

The company emphasizes that choosing to outsource can result in significant cost savings for the enterprise, with reductions in staff costs reaching up to 40 percent. 

Additionally, businesses are not burdened with expenses when an employee falls ill. 

Outsourcing also minimizes tax obligations, increases result efficiency, and ensures the work is carried out by highly skilled professionals.

Time-saving is another valuable resource for both employees and companies. Managers can allocate more time to core business functions, strengthen their operations, and expand their market reach.

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