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Top parks in Edmonton

Edmonton is a city that is rich in park areas, green spaces. Parks, forests that are here deserve the attention of citizens and tourists. Read more about some parks that you should visit in the article on edmonton-future.

City park in the river valley

The largest urban park in the city has 160 kilometers of paths that stretch from the northern edge of the city to the western, the city park in the Edmonton River Valley is the largest city park in Canada. You can meet tourists, ordinary people who are resting, joggers and just adventure lovers here on any day. Pleasant atmosphere, clean air, and beautiful views will allow you to enjoy the silence and forget about the problems.

This place is interesting in its own way both in summer and in winter. When it snows, the ground is covered with ice, and trails for skiers are made here. Therefore, if you love skiing, then such an active holiday is for you. In addition, everyone has the opportunity to go down to the river valley by cable car.

Alex Decoteau Park

This park is located in the heart of Edmonton. It is visible among large office towers, luxury hotels and high-rise buildings. It has an amazing amount of green spaces, clean air and birds are constantly singing. The park was named after the first police officer who served in Canada and made a great contribution to the country. Local authorities and local residents worked on the creation of it together. In addition, various enterprises of the city made a great contribution to the landscaping. It is worth mentioning that a small area for visitors’ pets has been created in the park. It means that you can walk dogs without a leash here.

If you decide to visit the park without a four-legged friend, then there is something to see. There are many places to sit, while walking you can see how the locals take care of all the garden areas. There is a playground on the park’s territory. Therefore, you can go there with pets, children and on your own.

Louise McKinney Riverfront Park

It is located within walking distance of the Edmonton Louise McKinney Conference Centre in the heart of the city. It is considered to be one of the charming green spaces in the city. The park has a beautiful Chinese garden, a boat dock and a paved area of stones on the riverbank. In addition, bicycles and segways are available for rent as a good leisure activity.

Churchill Square

It is located between Edmonton City Hall and the Art Gallery of Alberta. This square is a favorite place for families who love outdoor activities. It is frequently used for various festivals and events.

In summer you can splash in the fountain of City Hall. In winter, when the temperature drops to low levels, people skate on the city rink in the park.

Beaver Hills House Park

If you are looking for recreation with children in nature, then this park is the best for this. There is a playground with a lot of constructed elements on its territory. The townspeople make faceted figures from recycled materials and bring them here, thus decorating the park and making it even more interesting for visitors.

Park is next to the Alberta Legislature Building

There is green grass all year round, and many different types of trees. Many tourists and locals know that this is a great place to come on weekends or whenever you have free time. In summer and autumn, the area is very beautiful, it has well-groomed lawns, beautiful fountains, and most importantly – it is the Lois Hole Memorial Garden, where the amphitheater and bowling alley are open. In winter you can go ice skating and see the festive lights. At this time, a fabulous atmosphere is created here.

Mayfair Park

It is quite beautiful and locals often spend time here. In summer, this place is unique, because it is completely planted with green trees, a large red sunshade is placed above the park, which takes on the sun’s rays. Therefore, visitors are in the shade. Every year, local authorities take care of the already planted trees and make new plantings under a special program.

McKay Avenue school playground

This is one of Edmonton’s first public playgrounds. It is located next to the McKay Avenue Museum. There are bright green hills around with a blue ribbon – the symbol of the Edmonton River. There are a lot of children of different ages on the playground. Adults also have something to do here. There is a pedestrian and bicycle zone for them, where you can rent bicycles.

Railroad park

Railtown Park is a beautiful, small park that is located between apartments and shopping centers. Its path is great for walking, and you can walk at any time of the day. If you follow the trail, you can reach another park, Constable Ezio Faraone Park, which offers a beautiful view of the Saskatchewan River Valley.

Kinsmen Park

This is a favorite place for people. There are many green spaces, shady places, several play areas and a variety of play equipment. The park has many places for picnics, free parking, and great views of the city. Children can have fun here for hours.

William Hawrelak Park

This park is one of the largest in the city. It occupies more than 68 hectares of territory. There is a river and a lake near it.  It hosts a large number of festivals throughout the year. Pedestrian trails are laid across the park, where you can walk barefoot in summer and ski in winter.

In addition to seating there is a large playground. It has a variety of equipment, there are large play structures for children, such as a shop and a house. In this large park there are picnic areas, trails, and a lake where boats are rented. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to travel around the lake by boat.

The park is one of the most fantastic places for all inhabitants of the city and guests. There is a large free parking area on the territory.

Rundle Park

It is a municipal park in Edmonton. From the park you can see a beautiful view of the North Saskatchewan River, a pedestrian bridge connects it with another Gold Bar Park. There are many paved paths on the territory of the park. In winter, there are slopes for sledding and skating.

It has 6 picnic places in Rundle Park, which can accommodate 50 people. In addition, there are tennis courts with green asphalt, and in summer you can rent water boats. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque views.

Victoria Park

This is a wonderful park in the city. Here you can find many places for picnics, playgrounds, walking and cycling paths. All this contributes to the fact that every person who comes here to relax can do what he wants. Most often, citizens in this park run, ride bicycles.

Furthermore, there is a golf course on the territory of the park, which is designed for 18 holes. People who want to play golf are given all the necessary additions for the game for free. You can relax here with the whole family and friends.

In this place there is something to do, for example, walking on snowshoes, ice roads. For this there is a pavilion with an area of 3337 square feet. It works every day throughout the year.

Elk Island National Park

Elk Island is just 45 minutes east of Edmonton. Despite the fact that you need to go to the park, people still visit it. In the largest closed park in Canada you can see bison, black bears and other animals.

In summer you can relax on Elk Island beach, and in winter you can go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.

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