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Edmonton is a city where life is in full bloom

The large Canadian city Edmonton from the beginning of its creation in 1795 was a small trading settlement. Its first name was Fort Edmonton. The city was named in honor of Edmonton, an outstanding man who did good for people and gave a lot of money for the development of the city. Further information on edmonton-future.

Brief historical information

In the late 18th century, settlements of people of different nationalities began to form in the city. They emigrated through the region, moving from place to place. In 1892 the region turned into a big city. In 1904, Edmonton officially became a city. Moreover, it was made the capital of Alberta.

Europeans in the city

In the late 19th century, the first Europeans arrived in the region. These settlers were interested in the region because it provided many opportunities for fur harvesting and trading.

“Fort Augustus” was built by the North West Company, which was engaged in the fur trade. They also immediately built Edmonton House in the same region. The two companies became real competitors and were actively fighting for customers. However, already in 1860 the fur trade declined, most of Edmonton territory was abandoned, but people still lived in the city and did not emigrate anywhere.

Creation of the railway

At the time when the fur traders left their homes that had been built in the city and left, there were people who were interested in the land, they wanted to live and earn money from the land that would soon become Edmonton. These people lived in small houses near the river and began to lay the foundation for the construction of the city. Edmonton was founded in 1904, just after the Canadian Pacific Railway connected the community with other prosperous cities in Canada.

City in the XX century

At the beginning of the XX century was the real prosperity of the city. In 1906, its population was 14,000 people, but in 1939 it grew to 90,000 people. By 1927, the first airport had been built and opened in the city so that people could fly to the cities they needed. 

In 1947, a large amount of oil was discovered near Edmonton. In addition, many additional explorations were conducted, which confirmed the information that there were oil fields even in Edmonton itself. 

As a result, the city became a real province for production. People started coming here, buying houses and settling down to live permanently. By 1970, the population had reached 430,000 people.

Edmonton also gained popularity among people for its most famous attraction, which was the West Edmonton Mall, it was the largest mall in the world when it first opened.

In late 1980 there was a complete collapse of the oil boom, which brought with it an economic downturn, but it did not take long for the local economy to recover. The city experienced significant growth in retail and residential construction at the turn of the millennium, which changed the landscape of the city.

Modern city

Edmonton has become a real tourist center. There are plenty of beautiful places that are worth visiting for tourists. One of them is the Edmonton Valley Zoo, which was opened in 1959. This is a pretty fascinating place where you can have a good rest. There is also an equally good and notable place – “Royal Alberta Museum” which was opened in 1967. There you can look at the periods of human development.

It is expected that Edmonton will continue to grow and prosper as people are able to do their business in it. Because there are good economic opportunities for this.

Edmonton is a beautiful, hospitable city where the nice people live. Therefore, everyone who decides to come here to build their business or to stay, can find a lot of useful things for himself and have no doubts about his right choice.

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