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Making the Flower Beauty Last. TOP 10 Most Long-Lasting Flowers

Fresh flowers don’t stay forever. However, choosing specific flowers and taking proper care you can easily let them last longer. Let’s go through the most long-lasting flowers and learn the tricks of taking care of them so the bouquet you get or give would please your eyes as long as possible. 

What Flower Last The Longest? 

Chrysanthemums, carnations, orchids

These flowers can stay fresh in a vase for about 2,5 – 4 weeks. It is very important though to change the water and wash the vase regularly. 

  1. Chrysanthemums love purified water and draw their vitality from it, so you will need to add moisture regularly.
  2. Carnations need both clean water and room temperature.
  3. Orchids are almost as resistant as carnations. Before putting such flowers in a vase, rinse them well and shorten the stems. Add a drop of alcohol to the water at room temperature. Note, that orchid buds are super delicate, so do not touch them or spray with water. 

Asters, irises, and calla lilies

Asters, irises, and calla lilies can stay fresh for about 2 weeks. 

  • Caring for a bouquet of asters is easy. 
  • Refresh the water daily; 
  • Make sure that its temperature is always at room temperature; 
  • Keep the vase away from sunlight and heating appliances;
  • Cut off the tip of the stem before placing it in the vase.

Calla lilies do like space, so make sure you put them in a spacious vase. 

  • Keep calla lilies in a cool place, not in direct sun; 
  • Add a couple of spoons of sugar to the vase for fertilization.

Irises need to be cleaned of excess leaves that can come into contact with water and provoke rotting. 

  • Shorten the stems of the flowers by just 1 centimeter every day;
  • Change the water daily;
  • Add some activated charcoal to the water for disinfection and a piece of sugar for feeding.

Peonies, tulips, and lilies

These flowers will stay fresh for about 10 days. All they need is clean water and room temperature. 

  1. Do not let the leaves get wet, and make sure that no dried petals fall into the vase. 
  2. Lilies don’t like company of other flowers, so keep them separately. 
  3. Tulips, on the other hand, can be safely combined with other flowers in beautiful flower compositions.

Any Additional Tips?

Whether you choose mono bouquets or order flower delivery of mixed creative flower compositions, it is important to get fresh flowers. This is why always choose reliable supplier. 

In case you don’t know what flowers to choose, don’t hesitate to ask florists for advice. Experienced experts know what flowers to combine and always give recommendations on how to take care of them so they would last longer. 

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